Our Team

Philipp Zunke, PhD
Philipp Zunke, PhDPhysiotherapist, Manuel Therapist, Sportsphysiotherapist

0676 58 2 58 62


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Michael Huber, MSc, PT-OMT
Michael Huber, MSc, PT-OMTPhysiotherapist, Manual Therapist

0650 57 09 09 1

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Johanna Steinberger, BSc, DO
Johanna Steinberger, BSc, DOPhysiotherapist, Osteopath.

0680 12 90 716


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Sophie Felicitas Bayr, BSc
Sophie Felicitas Bayr, BScPhysiotherapist,.

0681 2033 9854


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Michaela Steiner, BSc
Michaela Steiner, BScPhysiotherapist, Sportphysiotherapist

0677 6341 9063


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Our Practice in Salzburg

Our modernly equipped practice is easy to reach and lays within the Maxglan district of Salzburg. In addition to three fully equipped treatment rooms we offer a spacious training area. Here you will find classic gear such as a cable training station and wall bars, but also modern equipment such as the Galileo® vibration plate. A variety of dumbbells and an assortment of other fitness gear round off our offer.

You can reach our practice per public transport (Bus stop Schwedenstaße – Nr. 1 or 10), per car (parking available”) or per bicycle. Of course, you can also come on foot.


Physiozentrum Salzburg

Stieglstraße 7 / 1. Stock
5020 Salzburg
0676 58 2 58 62

Please calls us and leave a message on the answering machine if necessary. We will call you back as soon as possible – in between therapy sessions. Alternatively, you can also send us an email.

General information and billing

We are elective physiotherapists for all health insurance providers.

For physiotherapy appointments, a prescription by the attending physician is needed. On completion of a therapy series you will receive an invoice, which, after having paid it in advance, you can then hand in for (partial) reimbursement at your health insurance provider (according to their specific regulations). For reasons of reimbursement the invoice will include the treatments as listed on the prescription. All further treatments will be charged separately and privately. In the case you need to cancel an appointment, please inform us not less than 24 hours in advance. Appointments that are either missed or not cancelled in time beforehand will be charged (privately).

For your physiotherapy session, please bring along a big towel and if necessary gym clothes.