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Myofascial Techniques

Fasciae surround all tissue of the human body and form a functioning unit. The aim of the treatment is to bring the fasciae back to a natural state of elasticity so that tensions are loosened, pain is soothed and the posture normalized.


To treat neurological illnesses, for instance Parkinson’s disease, stroke or multiple sclerosis, physiotherapeutical concepts are applied that aim to improve agility, strength, perception and most importantly the functionality of the patient. The aim is to improve daily activity and quality of life.

Lymphatic Drainage

The manual lymph drainage is a treatment technique that aims to decongest and get the drainage system working again. In addition, the lymph drainage reduces pain and relaxes the muscles.


Golf physiotherapy has the purpose of prevention, counseling and treatment and rehabilitation of ailments specifically related to golf, of injuries and after surgery of golfers. Following the precise diagnosis, the therapy is adapted to the patient’s needs and the golf swing is improved by cooperating with PGA Pro Benedikt Bernreiter (Salzburg).