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Lymphatic Drainage

The manual lymph drainage is a treatment technique that aims to decongest and get the drainage system working again. In addition, the lymph drainage reduces pain and relaxes the muscles.


Golf physiotherapy has the purpose of prevention, counseling and treatment and rehabilitation of ailments specifically related to golf, of injuries and after surgery of golfers. Following the precise diagnosis, the therapy is adapted to the patient’s needs and the golf swing is improved by cooperating with PGA Pro Benedikt Bernreiter (Salzburg).

Sportpsychological Training

The methods of sport psychological training support athletes in reaching the ideal mental state of performance.

Vitalmonitor Coaching

It is frequently difficult to find the right balance between activity and regeneration, be it in sports or in our daily life. The vitals monitor is a preventative tool to improve the wellbeing and the performance of a health conscious individual and to optimize the training of performance- and mass sports oriented athletes. With the help of mobile EKG-sensors, the heart rate variability is analyzed. The current regeneration status, the stress level, the biological age and a training recommendation that is adapted to this, can be derived.